The Change Driver UK

The Change Driver is an assessment instrument made up of two parts:

Part 1 explains what behaviour is, how it comes about and how it can be changed. The behaviour framework gives an overview of automatic, attentional and autonomous behaviour and provides a common frame of reference to ensure we have a mutual understanding of behaviour.

Part 2 is the change instrument. Numerous rules and pitfalls are provided as do’s and don’ts. Scoring these will give you the insight into which elements are overrated and which are left untouched. This will allow you to take appropriate measures to give change a maximum chance of success. Various aids will help you decide, like ten important pitfalls and de basic principles to learn how to change behaviour quickly.

The Change Driver is available in Dutch (ISBN 9789081753463) and in English (ISBN 9789081753449). It can be bought in book stores for € 14,99.

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